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Blackburn Tools saw nut spanner

大发体育 To properly tighten or loosen split saw nuts, it is imperative to use a properly fitting spanner. This spanner fits the split nuts used on all of my saws. With a tip that is 0.031" thick (just 0.001" thinner than the slots in the nuts), there is no chance of damaging the nut. The tip is reversible, with one end being used for 7/16" nuts and the other for 1/2" and 9/16" nuts. 2 1/2" overall length.

大发体育 The adjustable T-handle provides all of the torque you will ever need, and is removable.

大发体育 All components are made from brass or stainless steel.

Made in the USA. Fully warranted for one year.

Saw nut spanner instructions

Blackburn Tools saw nut spanner

Blackburn Tools saw nut spanner